Footballers and their wives

The Iran men’s national football team (, also known as Team Melli represents Iran in international football competitions and is governed by the Iran Football Federation. From December 2014 until May 2018, the men’s national football team of Iran[9] remained the highest-ranked team in Asia, representing the longest continuous period of time a team has […]

Luxury living

“Lacchery” is now a keyword that is represented not only in virtual networks, which is in the context of the lives of many people, but also a lethargy for themselves and others. The “lifestyle” is a more comfortable translation of this French word. Life that even forces a lot of people to sell their undercar […]

Anashid hoseini

Anashid Hosseini was born in Ahwaz-Iran on February 4, 1991, and is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts degree in architecture. She works in the field of modeling and dress design  and is known as Iranian and veil modeling in the internet and fashion industry.

Honey and Cinnamon Young Elixir

Honey and Cinnamon make up a perfect couple that, with the most natural and healthiest method, will serve us a great deal of health. In fact, the combination of the two can be achieved by using a little youthful elixir and used it. Of course, with a once-in-a-lifetime use, there’s no miracle, but regular consumption […]

A potion that fights cancer.

Drinking that strengthens the body, cleanses blood from impurities, increases the energy of the individual, and more importantly, eliminates the cancer cells easily. In the framework of the recommended program, proteins should be removed from the diet because the cancer cells feed on them.

5 Activity that destroys the kidney

The kidneys are one of the important parts of the body, which is very important to care for, bad habits that can hurt your kidneys. It’s best to keep these kidneys healthy.The kidney is very hard, and even with 20% of its ability it can work like a healthy member without showing any signs of […]