Broccoli for the fight against cancer

Broccoli, with its small stems and flowers, which looks like a tree like that, is a man made plant ?! Botanical and botanical explorers have developed broccoli with successive cabbage and other types of cabbage.

Broccoli planting and harvesting was still more common than before, and in 1925, scientists defined the unique and anti-cancer

properties of this plant. Broccoli also contains vitamins B, A C and minerals such as potassium, iron, folacin (folic acid) and fiber. It is also found in other herbs such as cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce and Brussels sprouts.

Broccoli flowers show you the amount of health and well-being; if all the flowers in the broccoli are dark green, it is much better to sometimes include the color of the purple or blue-green spectrum; these flowers are more like green flowers Bright or yellow and white, beta carotene and vitamin C are more.

Broccoli is rich in calcium and essential nutrients, including beta-carotene, indole and isothiocyanide. These organic substances can prevent the formation and accumulation of carcinogens in target cells. If you want to have an anti-cancer broccoli and reduce the risk of developing a variety of cancers, you should eat half a broccoli one day.

This broccoli only has 22 kilocalories of energy but delivers valuable properties to the body. Also, broccoli can increase the amount of beta-carotene and lutein in the blood, thus reducing the risk of oxidation of healthy cells as well as their cancer.

Broccoli is a great and powerful toxin for the body; according to the latest research, there are three types of glucosinolate micronutrients present in specific broccoli ingredients, which makes such a wonderful thing. These micronutrients in the whole process of detoxifying the body include activating, neutralizing and removing contaminants. The unwanted role plays the role of support. “ITCs” are detoxifying regulating molecules that are made up of broccoli glucosinolates and help control detoxification process.

When you have to consume high levels of supplements to compensate for vitamin D deficiency, the high levels of vitamin A and K supplements can keep your vitamin D metabolism balanced. Broccoli has a combination of vitamin A (beta-carotene) and vitamin K, which combines It is unusually strong. Broccoli has a flavonoid type that, according to recent studies, can reduce the accumulation of allergenic substances in the body. These compounds also justify the role of broccoli disinfection, and further explains the benefits of broccoli nutrition.

The best way to cook broccoli is to steam it, so its fibrous particles will be better digested, and after the interactions that occur in the stomach, it also reduces blood cholesterol. Over-cooking broccoli will not only crush it. It’s just a matter of destroying its properties and taste. It takes five minutes to steam this vegetable

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