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Welcome To The Privacy Policy


In the privacy policy I am going to tell you what the policy you have to follow on this site , if your using this site, you have to follow the rules and regulations, also I am going to tell you what your are going to get on this site and what the information we are sharing, if you don’t follow our policy we have the full authority to block you from our site, if you are using our site.





What the Information we are sharing on this website


1.We give the full information about how to earn money online, if you want to now you and comment in the question,

  1. We share the information about theblogging,how to create blogger, about blogger design, blogger templates, blogger seo,blogger tips, that is all the information related to the blogging, you can get all the information on the site.
  2. Except Blogger we give the information related to the internet.





What Can We Do

  1. we share information for which you can comment and we can help you to answer to your question and we will provide you the information.
  2. You can direct contact us and give us the suggestions for the website.
  3. You can suggest us what should we share on our website , so we can do some think better for our visitors.
  4. If you have any question you can put it on the  and we can disuse .





How To Use As A support

  1. You cannot comment any think on the zarine

2 Only comment related to the post on the post, if you have any other question ask on the question, answer forum.

3 Don’t use bad words in the comment.

4 Don’t misbehave with us or any other visitor on our site.

5 If you have any problem with our site directly comment on contact us on our site.



Third party Links


Due to our privacy policy you cannot post or comment the link of others or your site on our site without asking as, this will violate the policy and your comment will not be published, you can only comment other links if it is necessary , don’t comment unnecessary links , otherwise you comment will not been published .

This site is made on the blogger, so on the  blogger   you have to follow the privacy policy .





Advertisement Terms


On this site we use the Adsense, and the Adsense is our income source because we share the free best information and earn only through ads, and there is no force for you to click on ads, you can click on any ads of your choice. Also the Adsense terms are connected with this site.




What will we do If you don’t follow our Privacy Policy


If you don’t follow our privacy policy we can block your gmail id by reporting to the google, as its the google service and comments are held through gmail id only, so if you don’t follow our policy your gmail id can be blocked.

  1. we can delete your comments.
  2. We can block you for the
  3. You cannot visit our site in future, when we block you.

For our site future we can use the cookies, the cookies are the small file of the site.



Change of the Privacy policy


We can change our privacy policy when ever we like To change.





Terms and conditions


We believe that while using our site you will follow the privacy policy.




All Rights Reserved


So we hope you will never broke our sites privacy policy as we have full authority to block you, delete your comment or mark you as a spam.



Contact Us

If you have any problem related to our site or our privacy policy , you can for sure contact us on question, answer forum, contact us on  , or you can contact us.