The definition of masculinity and beauty from the perspective of women

Men look attractive and appealing to make changes to their looks, sometimes turning them into the most loved men, and sometimes the ugliest men. To achieve this, men sometimes seek refuge in strange ways and even ridiculous things or endanger their lives because they meet the expectations of women.

No matter what these expectations are, but more interesting is that these expectations and definitions of masculinity and masculine beauty vary greatly from country to country.

1. The United States

What American women today are strenuous shoulders and physically solid physics. Even a specific term for the definition of such men has been invented that men are called “lumbersexuals”



Women living in this country usually have men with bright eyes and beautiful curly hair.

3. India

In this country, if a man wants to be women’s attention, he must be fit for fitness and have a fairly muscular body.


4. Sweden

 Men who have a lean body, meanwhile, have tall men with bright eyes, blonde hair and bony species among Swedes, and masculinity and masculine charm are summarized in these traits.

5. Turkey

For the Turkish women, an ideal and attractive man should have a high courage and strength at the same time and have a feeling of enthusiasm….


6. Italy

In Italy, the title of “attractive man” refers to men who seem to be of great importance to themselves.

7. South Korea

Having a smooth, soft skin, tidy hair, and, according to the latest models, sometimes painted, skinny and sometimes even pointed….


8. UK

Having a tattoo is also one of the choices that these British men choose to have a masculine appearance and a greater male attractiveness.

9 Greece
 Tall is also important among women in this country, and any man above 175 centimeters will be superior to other men.


10- Australia
Australian men are always ready to spend time and money on having the best and most modern appearances, and Australian women are also very strict about their men.

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