vegetable controls sugar, fat and blood pressure

For celery in traditional medicine, a number of properties are mentioned that some of these properties are mentioned below:Osteoporosis and cartilage and Reducing high blood pressure

Lowering blood lipids

Blood glucose lowering in diabetics

Tonic regulator is the heart muscle

It removes constipation

People who want to quit smoking need to take advantage of this plant

Slimming and lowering weight

 Among the most prominent properties of the celery, it can be antipyretic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, antioxidant (anticancer), healing of rheumatic pains, antispasmodic (muscle cramps), diuretic, lipid-lowering and blood pressure (due to urination), tonic And gastric stimulus. Celery is a vegetarian and all nutrients that have a diuretic effect reduce blood pressure. Of course, it is also effective in reducing fat, blood pressure and blood glucose. These effects are related to the stem and leaf of this vegetable, and the stems have a little more than the leaf.

Celery is one of the vegetables that, in addition to using it in the preparation of various types of food and salads, many people eat it in their diet for slimming.

The urine of this vegetable is relatively high, and this gives it such an effect. Of course, many plants have this property, but their power is not the same. Today, the cause of many obesity is excessive or excessive water abundance in the body’s cells, so in such obesity, celery consumption can lead to weight loss.

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